A range of rigid and flexible conduit to mechanisms to fully protect your network of wiring. We also stock connectors, hydraulic clamps and accessories to complete your protected cable network.


Rigid tubing which helps protect individual cables that would otherwise be exposed and at a higher risk of damage. Available in a range of materials including galvanised steel and aluminium.

Flexible Conduit

Like rigid conduit, provides protection to at risk individual cables. Flexible conduit is also more versatile and is useful for protection where turns around tight corners or small spaces are required.


Safe and secure connecting points between two pieces of conduit, ensuring cables can be protected all the way to their endpoint.

Hydraulic Clamps

Clamps are required to secure conduit in place and reduce problems that may arise from vibration and corrosion. We offer hydraulic clamps for a wide range of applications to ensure your full conduit network is secured appropriately.